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What’s the scoop on the steam?

How did V Steaming


V Steaming was not isolated to one region of the world. It was a regular practice for women of all ages and stages, back when women took care of women. It became illegal to practice medicine without a license, and most women practitioners were unable to attend school to obtain a license. At that point, men took over women’s healthcare, leaving V Steaming behind. Today, women all over the world are taking back their health and we are seeing a reemergence in V Steaming, along with success stories from women who are finding freedom and health once again.

Who should V Steam?

Every day, women find relief from a long list of gynecological health concerns by incorporating V Steaming into their lifestyle.

V Steaming can help:

●   Regulate your cycle

Your cycle should be 28-30 days, with your period lasting 4-5 days. If this doesn’t sound like you, V Steaming may help.

●   Ease cramping

●   Prepare your womb for conception

You should take part in a steaming regimen for a minimum of 12 months under the guidance of a V Steam practitioner to cleanse your womb and prepare for pregnancy.

●   Ease symptoms of infections and uterine disorders

Your V Steam practitioner can help identify the nature and triggers of your infections and uterine disorders. With a tailored plan using an appropriate steaming schedule and herbs, clear out irregular vaginal discharge to help ease uncomfortable infections, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, and more.


Think you’re in good shape down there? V Steaming is still for you. Support your healthy cycle, postpartum recovery, and menopause with V Steaming.

What is a V Steam, anyway?

A vaginal steam, or V Steam, is when warm steam is applied to the entire pelvic region, warming the area to allow for healing of the external tissues. Herbal blends are added to the water to tailor the experience to your specific condition or needs. It’s important to consult with a practitioner before steaming to ensure your herbs and regimen are right for you. Herbs are powerful and if they aren’t used correctly, your cycle can be altered.


  • You are pregnant (if you are actively trying to become pregnant do not steam during your ovulation period)

  • You have an Intrauterine Device

  • Have an active internal infection or fever

  • Menstruating or have a open wound or blister 

If you’re into quick fixes, this isn’t for you.

To get the greatest benefit from V Steaming, you need to make it part of your lifestyle. Just like visits to the salon, one session for life isn’t going to cut it. Not into adding another thing to your routine? V Steaming is just as easy as your trips to the salon. Yes, really.

Don’t go it alone.

Every successful lifestyle change requires support. V Steaming is no exception, that’s why Simone, Secret Garden’s practitioner, is here to walk this journey with you. To ensure your safety and greatest benefit from V Steaming, get a customised V Steam plan paired with ongoing support from Simone. In addition, gain access to an exclusive support group of women just like you who are changing their lives through V Steaming. Making V Steaming a part of your life means you need to do it right.


Book a consultation with Simone now to get started on your path to health.

We’ve got everything you need for your lifestyle.

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Want to stay fresh through life’s hustle and bustle?

Need to get ready for a steamy night or holiday?

Struggling to keep your

garden in balance?

Still not sure where to turn? Book a consultation now to get personalised help.

Fancy Cocktail

Sip & Steam parties are a great way to spend your next girls’ night. Have a few drinks with your girlfriends and learn more about how V Steaming can improve your life. Simone, your V Steam practitioner, will come to you with everything you need. Can you say, “easiest party ever!”?

Not sure you’re ready to try steaming, but love to party?

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